Hors’n Around

I had always dreamed of having a horse… 
Just before I turned 40 my dream finally came true.
 Lacey, my paint, has taught me so, so much. We have developed an amazing bond of trust over the years.

Alexandra has been training Sammy – the palomino– since he was 3 months old. Angel, the pony – is not always such an Angel, but loves to be groomed by little hands.

Jack – my husband’s horse, was recused from a farm in Vermont. Jack was originally used as a cattle horse- he likes to go and go.

Come and meet the gain💜.

Alexandra and Karen each provide ground lessons and 1:1 basic riding lessons.  Riders need to demonstrate their ability before venturing out into the woods for a trail ride. 

Alexandra is trained and certified as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor. She does an incredible job with kids.

This is a basic, backyard opportunity to learn about and connect with horses. 

First 30 minutes lesson is for free.

If your youngster is too young for a hour lesson, we can provide a 30-45 minute lesson for 20.00.

  • 1 hour back yard basics : $25.00- this includes learning how to groom & tack up the horse & safety; can work up to a trail ride lesson once the rider demonstrates enough confidence & knowledge.
  • 1.5 hours 40.00

Multifamily discounts available and a sliding scale is also available if needed. 

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