The Horses @ Spirit Flow Pathways

I had always dreamed of having a horse… 
Just before I turned 40 my dream finally came true.
 Lacey, my paint, taught me so, so much, we developed an amazing bond of trust over the years. Sadly, she is no longer with us. I have adopted a young gelding-Levi, that I now need to teach and learn from.


Levi- I picked up this young spirited gelding up in Vermont August 2021, he was 4 at the time. I discovered that he had been rescued from a truck heading North- that he was retired from ranching @ 4 because of some arthritis in his back hock. I am working with my vet to make sure we are caring for him properly- and she has said their is a chance for him to heal from this – with the shots we are trying. He is a sweetheart, pocket pony ( always smelling your pockets to see if you brought him over a treat). He loves people! Loves Attention. He has come a long way in just under a year with me. From his 💜 to your 💜 .. he is the perfect boy for our Healing with Horses program.

Jack, was our steadfast older gelding. He is now running the hillsides with Lacey. 🙏🏼

Angel, is our sweet aging pony who still loves lots of attention.

This is Sammy, Alexandra’s Palomino, with his friend Gypse. Sammy and Xandra have left the farm and our exploring new adventures out west. They are greatly missed but we are all very proud of both, Sammy and Xandra. xoxoxo.

Hors’n Around”, a ‘Back Yard Basics’ approach:

If you would like to learn how to brush and saddle up a horse, learn the basics and safety to riding a horse, then give us a call. We will adjust the lessons to your needs.

Healing with Horses

This is an opportunity to learn about, connect, and to “be” with horses. The horse, is said to be a mirror of our own reflection… what do you need to learn ? Work on ? Is there a fear you would like to release ? Do you need a moment ( or an hour), to slow down,.. connect with your breath…Have you heard the expression that you need to be more “grounded”. Walk with a horse, they have 4 feet on the ground. Just being in the presence of the horses can provide a healing opportunity. Are you ready to release? Connect? Are you ready to see yourself? If so, give us a call.

Cost: $65.00- $85.00 This is for 1.15 hours – 1.5 hours, sometimes up to 2 hours. Depending on you and the horse. 💜.. I don’t rush connections.. or time for healing.

I would like to provide the opportunity for individuals who want to be with horses, to get to know them, be around them, brush them, walk with them, sit on them, ride them, breathe with them, pose on them.