The Horses @ Spirit Flow Pathways

I had always dreamed of having a horse… 
Just before I turned 40 my dream finally came true.
 Lacey, my paint, has taught me so, so much. We have developed an amazing bond of trust over the years.

Our Horse offerings have changed a bit this past year.  My daughter, Alexandra, had been giving most of the lessons with Lacey and Sammy.  Well, Alexandra and Sammy have now moved out west, to live at a resort- giving lessons  and rides to guests.  We miss them both greatly, but they are both learning a lot.  

Back Yard Basics and/ or

Yoga Mindfulness Practice with Horses

This is an opportunity to learn about, connect, and to “be” with horses. The horse, is said to be a mirror of our own reflection… what do you need to learn ? Work on ? Is there a fear you would like to release ? Do you need a moment – or hour – to slow down,.. connect with your breath. Have you heard the expression that you need to be more “grounded”. Walk with a horse, they have 4 feet on the ground.

This practice can develop into your yoga practice on our horses.

Cost: 35.00 per hour.  I would like to provide the opportunity for individuals who want to be with horses, to get to know them, be around them, brush them, walk with them, sit on them, ride them, breathe with them, pose on them. 

If $35.00 is unaffordable to you – perhaps you could muck stalls or weed a garden in trade.