Pot luck, Drumming Performance & Fund Raising Event

June 9th, 2019 4:00-7:30. 37 Minkey Way, Cornish ME

Donations being accepted for:

Runs with Wolves Sanctuary, Limington ME

Pot luck, followed by a drumming performance by Annegret Baier. She will then lead us in a drum circle for those that wish to participate.

*Please preregister by calling or texting 207-747-1021.

*Please bring a dish to share. (please label what is in the dish for those who are vegetarian, gluten free, etc.).

*Please bring a lawn chair and a drum if you have one.

We are excited for the opportunity to gather, share a meal, dance and drum. Hope you are able to join us.

Suggested donation *$10- 20.00


A Workshop on Making & Using a Meditation Medicine Wheel, By Kat Beaudoin

When : September 22, 2018 10 a.m. – 4:00 pm      {bring lunch please}.
Where: Spirit Flow Pathways, 37 Minkey Way, Cornish ME
Cost: $60.00
Contact: Karen Remington@ 207-747-1021 to register.
If you, your friends and family members are ‘seekers’ of wisdom, with interest in exploring ancient ways of creating and using sacred space in nature, this workshop offering may be for you.

The Medicine Wheel is a central circle, spiral or cairn of stones from which lines of other stones radiate, often as “spokes” to an outer circle of stones. Since ancient times, indigenous people around the world have created many such arrangements of stones and held them sacred. Creating sacred space – how we set apart and arrange a certain spot in nature and imbue it with reverent feelings – is at the core of the medicine wheel and other forms of generations old circles. Sacred space, whether indoors or out, facilitates healing of self, other living beings and of the land. It may also be a place for celebration, introspection or for the simple observation of life in all its forms.

The Medicine Wheel is a Native American sacred circle representing the Universe and the balance of all creation. It is used to contain, project and raise energy to transform, balance and heal.

The Medicine Wheel is symbolic of the Circle of Life and provides guidance for the betterment of self, healing, and life.

The Medicine Wheel 
The Circle of Life, is often depicted in the Medicine Wheel. The circle and the four equal parts and colors of the medicine wheel represent the lifespan, or four stages of man/woman:

  • Birth is represented by the color red
  • Growth is represented by the color yellow
  • Maturity is represented by the color black
  • Death is represented by the color white

The Medicine Wheel – Balanced Life

The colors of the Medicine Wheel also represent the four qualities of a balanced life:

  • The Spiritual life (the Soul) is represented by the color red
  • The Emotional life (the Heart) is represented by the color yellow
  • The Physical life (the Body) is represented by the color black
  • The Intellect (the Mind) is represented by the color white

The Medicine Wheel – Cardinal Directions & the four peoples of the Earth
The cardinal directions are represented in the Medicine Wheel

  • The South is represented by the color red and associated with ‘red skinned peoples’
  • The East is represented by the color yellow and associated with ‘yellow skinned peoples’
  • The West is represented by the color black and associated with ‘black-skinned peoples’
  • The South is represented by the color white and associated with ‘white skinned peoples’

Workshop includes: Instruction on the symbolic nature of the circle and its components to early people as well as its relevance to modern life; the 7 principles of Sacred Space and the science behind “Nature as Healer”. Participants will be taught how to locate, orient and size a Medicine Wheel; attributes to include in its construction will also be covered. A Medicine Wheel will be constructed by participants on the grounds of Spirit Flow Pathways; where students and clients may sit to contemplate and access the wheel. Participants will learn a variety of ways to use the Medicine Wheel as a tool for introspection, healing and personal growth.

What to bring: A notebook & pen, a lunch and non-alcoholic beverage, a willingness to work in community, a curious mind and an open heart.

What to wear: This workshop is held outdoors so dress accordingly with appropriate weather and insect protection.





 Join us for ” Soul Retreat”.  A beautiful day of yoga, community,  and ceremony. 

  •   10 a.m.-12:  p.m. Yoga,  mediation, chanting    $20.00               treesimagespeople  
  • 1:00 Lunch   ($15.00 or bring your own).
  • 1:-1:30 Break:  Open Studio, walking trails nearby.
  • 1:30-4:00 “Ceremony of Release An elemental process to release what no longer serves you.  Meditation, journaling, creating a totem for ceremony. ($25.00)
  • 4:-4:30 Break with snack provided:
  • Open Studio/ walking trails nearby.
  • 4:30-6:30- Meditation, drumming, journaling Create Vision Boards to fill that space that is now available.  ($25.00)
  • 6:30-7:30- Dinner ($20.00)
  • After dinner -Drumming Circle and Fire

Total for the day : $105.00 or pay for the event you would like to participate in.  Each portion of the day is built upon each other; Coming for the entire day is most beneficial, but not necessary. 

Early bird special:  90.00, paid by May 17th 2018.   Sign up by May 23rd to reserve your spot.  ( Meals will be organic and offer GF options- and Zack is an amazing cook!)

207-747-1021   spiritflowpathways.com    spiritflowpathways@gmail.com