“I couldn’t express more positive feedback for a Spirit Flow Pathways! I am a person with severe anxiety, depression, PTSD and a lot of personal trauma going on currently. I attended their sound healing session & what I experienced was incredible. Also, they are such good people with kind loving hearts 💕 I’ll be back for sure !!!” Becka Lynn Jackson, Cornish ME

“Today I had the pleasure of a Shamanic / Reiki session with Karen Remington. Amazing! At different times through the session I felt like breathing was unnecessessary (in a good way), and I was very much out of body, almost like I was made of vapor. My crown opened and I felt the Divine love coming in. I think this was an overdue healing for me, and I could not have asked for a more gifted and compassionate healer. It was well worth the drive out to Cornish!!”

Linda Anzac Huitt,, Holistic Practitioner and Teacher at Pathway to Joy , Portland ME

“Karen’s yoga has made it possible for this 72-year-old farmer and logger to continue doing the work he has always loved and cherished. I am very grateful.”

Peter Hagerty, Porter, Maine

I would just like to say a few words about my experience with Karen Remington… I have done some soul retrieval work with her… and I did not know that I could feel so good after an appointment, not really knowing what I was going to do ( expect) or how I was going to feel.  I felt very full, I felt more grounded and I felt more complete.  A+ experience, I can’t wait to do it again” 

Jeanine Michelle, VT.  

“Karen Remington is an exceptional yoga instructor.  She has a beautiful yoga studio which is attached to her lovely family home in Cornish, Maine. The space has picture windows on three sides with thriving plants and blown glass with crystals reflecting the sunlight.  A Rainbow Crystal Mat is situated in one corner of the room.  My entire experience of attending her strengthening yoga class and lying on the heated crystal mat was quite healing.  The 20 minutes I spent on the mat resulted in a significant reduction in my stress level and all but eliminated muscle pain while considerably improving my energy level.”

Kim De La Rosa , St. Johnsbury VT.