Vinyasa Flow: We will synchronize our movement with our breath, as we build Tapas, the heat from within. This class will move at a faster pace then the others I offer, and offer more challenging postures.  We will incorporate pranayama ( breathing exercises ) into all of our classes, and some time to sit in a seat of meditation, time to plant our seeds of intention.

Mixed levels Flow : Open to all levels from beginner to advanced, this practice builds a strong foundation for effective and safe alignment while offering deeper options for more experienced practitioners. Based on sun salutations and deep holds, postures are linked with the breath and a strong focus is made to bring awareness to the body-mind-spirit connection. Each person is invited to modify the shapes to fit their individual needs

Gentle, Therapeutic, and Restorative Yoga: In this, we will explore the foundational principles of yoga, and just move slower than the Flow for All class. This class is a great place to start and become familiar with the practice. The basics are the roots of all that is possible!  We will still incorporate strengthening poses, build a little heat, and then cool down in restorative poses.  You do not need to be flexible to attend. Come as you are and begin there.  At times we may incorporate foam rollers and / or massage balls to work through issues within the body.

Shamanic Journeying and Drumming Circle:   In these classes we will begin with clearing, grounding, and aligning the chakra’s with movement to prepare our bodies and minds for Journey Work. In the beginning of this series, I will teach you how to travel into other realms, meet your power animals, spirit guides, and receive teachings. I encourage you to spend some time outside in nature prior to coming to class. Find a place in nature that you connect with, that you feel connected to, a place that welcomes you. Look for a hole in a tree, or the earth.. take a mental picture of this ‘place’, and store this for the journey work that we will do together. Bring a journal, snack and water bottle.  We will end this event with circle time and an opportunity to drum together.  I have a couple of extra drums and a couple of rattles. Bring a drum, rattle or whatever you are being called to bring for this time together.

If you decide to join this class after the first few have begun, I would encourage you to meet with me 1:1 to learn and understand the basics of journeying before joining the monthly group.

Ground Lessons and 1:1 Riding lessons: This is opportunity to learn about and connect with horses. Our facility may be in the backyard, but Alexandra is a very gifted, intuitive, therapeutic riding instructor. Alexandra has been working with horses since she was 5, and has been training her horse Sammy, since he was 3 months old. Sammy will be 7 this spring, April 2020.

First 30 minutes free – give Xandra a call if you have ever thought about wanting to learn more about horseS- even if you just want to come and learn how to groom them.

Principles of Yoga Horseback:  Rooting into the ‘seat’, hugging the muscles to the bone, lengthening through our crown and applying mindfulness as we connect with the horses and oventure out into the woods. Cues to incorporate more principals of yoga will be shared throughout the ride. 

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Check our schedule for dates/times.

Teacher reserves right to cancel class if less then 2 students attend ;  or student uses two of his/her pass visits – or pays $25.00 for the class. (unless a private is scheduled).