Hi, my name is Karen Remington. I am the owner / teacher / and holistic practitioner here at Spirit Flow Pathways. My studio is right here, in our home – with a separate entrance in the back of the house. I love 💜 my healing space and having access to it 24/7. Our family moved to Cornish 3 years ago. I’m originally from Albany NY,  where I put myself through school and graduated from University @ Albany with a BA in Psychology.  I then moved to Vermont to work in a treatment home for boys where I met my husband (Zack) of the last 20+ years. We have two young adult children (Zachary, 21 and Alexandra, 19 ). I have practiced yoga for 14+ years. My first teacher, a yoga Goddess in Vermont , Andrea Thibaudeau, Heart Space incorporated many styles ( Hatha, Anusara, + ) within her teachings, with an emphasis on alignment and opening to grace. My own yoga teacher training (Breathing Room S. Portland ME), incorporated Hatha and Vinyasa. I merge these styles with a dash of my Shamanic and Reiki skills; to focus on breath, alignment, chakras, releasing what we do not need (and no longer serves us), and work to build the agni (fire) within when called for. I work to find balance within my own practice so that I can also apply these skills of balance to life on and off of the mat.

Yoga is a way of life. Through the teachings, practice, meditation, and principals of yoga, it has provided me (and millions of others), with tools in life to work on being the best version of myself. When I falter, I work on coming back to the mat, back to my breath, connecting to my higher self.


“Karen Remington is an exceptional yoga instructor.  She has a beautiful yoga studio which is attached to her lovely family home in Cornish, Maine.  The space has picture windows on three sides with thriving plants and blown glass with crystals reflecting the sunlight.  A Rainbow Crystal Mat is situated in one corner of the room.  My entire experience of attending her strengthening yoga class and lying on the heated crystal mat was quite healing.  The 20 minutes I spent on the mat resulted in a significant reduction in my stress level and all but eliminated muscle pain while considerably improving my energy level.” Kim De La Rosa , St. Johnsbury VT.