Shamanic Healing with Reiki and Sound Healing


Reiki is Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress…

I was trained in Reiki levels 1 and 2 in the mid 90’s. I wanted to be trained after I had a Reiki session and felt like I was put into a meditative state by the practitioner, and for someone who is ADHD, and always on the go… it was Magical!

Shamanism is an ancient form of spiritual healing that includes soul retrieval, power retrieval, energy healing, emotional healing and ancestral healing.

My first experience with Shamanic healing was when a family member was in crisis and regular therapy was not working; medication was not an option. A friend suggested Indigenous Roots, a shamanic healer in Vt. My family member had a significant decrease in issues with the first visit. We continued weekly and then monthly. I was amazed. What the modern Western Model could not achieve, healing was taking place before my eyes. A couple of years later I had the opportunity to take a course at Kripalu, “Yoga and Shamanism” ; I was awakened, alive, enthralled.  It was a heated, clearing, healing, spiritual, ceremonial, accepting, non-judging, life-changing experience for me.  A year later I continued my studies in an apprenticeship training in Shamanism. My thirst to learn more within the realm of Yoga, Shamanism, and Energy Light work, & Sound Healing -will never be satiated.  

I have continue to add layers upon layers of training, over the last few years I have been taking workshops with Peter Clark of Shamans Flame in Woodbury Vt. He is an incredible facilitator, delving deeper and into into the our own consciousness. Peter was also a teacher with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies for many years ( Michael Harper, the Way of the Shaman). I have also completed Core Shamanism with Nan Moss, also one of the original teachers with Foundation of Shamanic Studies.

I gather from all of my trainings, teachers, spirit guides, and intuition, as I weave and create circles for us to explore the realms together.

Shamans work in the realm with Spirits.  Shamans will call on the directions of the N, S, E, and W; Great Spirit, Mother Earth, and all those who have come before. Shamans journey to other realms in search of power animals, lessons, teachings, healing, soul retrievals, and guidance.   

Healing Services

Reiki/Shamanic/ Sound healing : Clearing the body of energy blocks, releasing what is no longer in services to you. I will ask you to work with me on this process, to breathe through the release, to invite and inhale the breathe of light.

Healing Sessions will be on a crystal rainbow healing mat (a chakra balancing heating mat).

I prefer to incorporate all of my tools into my healing services- as I am called to do -during the session. I will intuitively work with you. I may be called to drum more, or do more Reiki, or play the singing bowls.. etc. I ask you to trust in the process, to plant the seed of intention for healing.

Sound Healing:Singing Bowls & Gong : I have been gifted some beautiful crystal singing bowls & added an amazing Gong; I have incorporated these into my healing sessions, for I believe they provide an amazing & beautiful addition to the healing work that I offer. I also offer sound healings monthly in a group setting.

Private Sessions

$70.00 for 1 hour

$115. for 1.5 hours


Semi-private: For Sound Healing with Chakra Mat / and access to hammocks.

Group of 2: $125.00 1 hour; $160.00 1.5 hours

*Larger Private Group sessions are available, cost will be based on number of people, services included in the session, and date/time.

If you are in need of these services and cannot afford them, please consider bartering with me. We are always in need of either gardening assistance, or house cleaning, dog walking… 🙏🏼.

Power Animals Retrieval

dogPower animals are spirit guides much like guardian angels.  A shaman can journey to find and retrieve your It’s ultimately up to you how much you engage with your power animals, just like your angels, they are there for you if you call upon them.  They can assist you in healing, protection, guidance, teaching.  “Working with a power animal is an instinctual process about who we are becoming, not about who we would prefer to be. It is up to us to learn its attributes as it reveals its wisdom.”

If you are looking for a book on power animals, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews is very popular. A popular website that describes the qualities of various power animals: 

$75.00 – $95.00 This is a sliding scale.

Shamanic Divination Intuitive spiritual guidance and Soul Retrieval

When we suffer trauma, a piece of our soul may leave us. Have you ever looked into the eyes of someone whose eyes were vacant? An individual who seemed lost? Not altogether there? A shaman can journey with the assistance of your power animals, your ancestors, your guardian angels and look for and retrieve these lost soul fragments, and return them to you – if you are ready to receive them. 

Soul Retrieval work cannot be done prior to power animal journey work and Clearing Healing Work.