Schedule, Cost, and additional Information.

*Please scroll down to the actual calendar to confirm dates and times, cancellations / updates to the schedule. **If the calendar is not there (technical difficulties at times), please text, call, or email me to confirm class is being held.

I like to keep stirring the pot and utilize all we have to offer. Sometimes I will be called to play my shamanic drum, or tongue drum, and / or singing bowl.. and sometime we will restore to the sound of our own breath. I hope that you decide to join us and see what we stir up in the next class. Namaste.

* Yoga Drop in $15.00  

 5 pass $70.00. 10 pass $125.00 ,

Private classes $65.00  1 hour.    $90.00 1.5 hours

Students can purchase their own aerial swing, I can assist you with this. I will have a couple of swings that you can rent for $5.00 per class. Cost of the hammocks are roughly $60.00- $135.00 ( several in between) ( There are many different kinds of hammocks, it is important to have good quality fabrics.)

*Passes will be good for 1 year from date of purchase- unless the class is a Series Class Pass- then it is only good for that series of classes the class is purchased for. 

 You can find me on FB for more information; call or text me:  207- 710-1145

**Please check the schedule prior to coming to class for any updates, closings, or cancellations.


Class Schedule: Please check the calendar ( scroll below), for updates, closings, and cancellations  prior to coming to class. Thank you.

Classes @ Spirit Flow Pathways

I am hoping to revive the studio a bit.. things have gotten a bit quiet over the last few months and I hope that we can see more of you in the new year. Over the next few weeks I will try a few different times for classes to see what the majority of you gravitate to. I will then adjust the schedule in February, to offer a series of classes, based on the times that seemed to work best for you – & me.  

Please text or call me to register for class 207-710-1145. I will cancel classes that I do not have at least 2-3 students for class- so please check my schedule on my website for updates and cancellations prior to coming to class. Thank you,

 I am currently closed due to a loss in the family. I hope to reopen mid-January.


 4:30-5:45 pm   Yoga Mixed levels ( Floor Yoga)

 6:30-7:45 pm      Aerial Slow Flow: Focusing on using the hammock for support                                       and as a prop, spinal de-compression.


9:30 a.m.- 10:45 Slow and gentle (floor yoga)
 4:30-5:45 Aerial Yoga Flow :
Preferable if you have had at least 2 classes of the
‘Aerial Slow Flow’ prior to Yoga Flow.  


4:30-5:45 Yoga Mixed Levels Flow ( floor yoga)

Sound Healing is generally provided for 5 + minutes at the end of every class.  Some people are sensitive to crystal singing bowls/ & or the Drum.  Please let me know if the bowls or the drums are something that does not lend itself to your practice.  We can either plan for you to leave a few minutes early, or at times opt for gentle music rather then the sound healing.  Please communicate with me, so that we can make it an enjoyable experience for you.  

.Please know that I may run over in class times ( tendency to want to provide so much in our time together). If you have an appointment or need to leave, please do not hesitate to let me know and to take care of your needs.