Shamanic Journeying

Why journey ? It can be a very powerful process for healings and teachings, and connect with compassionate helping spirits.
How ?
We open the circle to call in directions ( N, S, E, W, father sky , Mother Earth – & to all ancestors). We will get comfortable and then proceed with an intention… “ I intend to go to the lower world to meet with my helping spirit guide (s).”You begin in your minds eye, connecting with nature & seeing an opening into the earth that you know of ( hole in the tree, water, cave ). You see yourself go down the hole – perhaps shinking in size .. in the beginning you may feel like you’re making it up in your head-and then you may see things, hear things, feel things … And the journey takes over. Is like a muscle, an art – the more you work on journeying – the more clear the journey will become. For some it can be very clear, for others it could come in spurts … be patient .. explore ..

Generally, most people come out into the cavern of a cave.. & then walk to the mouth of the cave – into the light. It is there that you will see more, hear more, experience more.. in a sense of ‘ knowing ‘that helping spirits can guide you. If you lose focus .. come back to your intention.. repeat your intention & then continue on your journey.
In both the lower world in the upper world you meet with spirit guides in the form of animals & humans. One or more of the animal spirit guides will also be your power animal- essentially choose you at birth to Guide you. This is also the same idea as people who work with angels – ( I work with angels & helping spirits). I have shared two different 
journeys on my blog on this website, if you would like to read what a journey experience can look. Mine won’t look like yours.. we will each have our own experiences, which is also why it’s great to share in this experience together. To journey together increases the vibrational energy to assist each of us on our journeys, and to come back and share is also providing an opportunity for each of us to learn from one another. there is much to learn.. we go to learn more about ourselves, our relationships, and to receive healings . Aho 

I hope you will join me for this experience. Cost for circle is $15-20.00, sliding scale. Bring a drum, rattle, and journal if you choose.

Private sessions available 1.30 hours $125.00 – sliding scale available

Shamanic Journeying and Drumming Circle: In this practice, I will teach you how to travel into other realms, meet your power animals, spirit guides, and receive teachings. I encourage you to spend some time outside in nature prior to coming to class. Find a place in nature that you connect with, that you feel connected to, a place that welcomes you. Look for a hole in a tree, or the earth.. take a mental picture of this ‘place’, and store this for the journey work that we will do together. Bring a journal, snack and water bottle. We will end this event with circle time and an opportunity to drum together. I have a couple of extra drums and a couple of rattles. Bring a drum, rattle or whatever you are being called to bring for this time.