Perspective Teachings

One of my intentions with this “blog” is to share with you the amazing opportunities that are provided through shamanic work & teachings. I would like to share some of my experiences from the shamanic world and how it influences my life. How it is here for us to learn from, connect with, and heal ourselves and all living creatures and spirits, to raise the vibrations energy of all🙏.

February 27th 2018

I was reading through my Shamanic Journal the other day- it is important to write down our journey’s so that we can go back and reflect from the teachings that have been shared with us.  I came across this Journey that I would like to share with you…

I was walking with my power animals… we were on our way to see the Element of the Heart, one of my teachers.  We have to climb quite a distance to get there, it felt important to feel the earth beneath my feet today,  rather then fly on Owl’s back.  I carried turtle in my pocket and the others walked beside me; Owl flew ahead, but would circle over us from time to time.  We continued to walk,  to climb,  the wind was blowing;  It seemed to take awhile for us to reach our destination.  When we arrived to the top of the path, my teacher was there waiting for us.  I greeted  her with a smile as I looked into her eyes.  She stands taller then me by a couple of inches and she is illuminated by light.  She is ethereal, yet grounded.  My teacher glances to the scene to her left, I follow her gaze and  look over the cliff, to my right, to the ocean below.  The waves were climbing, foaming and taller and taller across the ocean . I could not see them hitting the shore-for that was directly under us; but the sound of the waves crashing filled my ears. I could taste the salt on my lips. The sky was grey, the scene was a bit ominous as took it all in. My teacher beaconed me to then turn my gaze in the other direction.  On my left there was a beautiful field of green grass with a forest standing just behind it, and further in the distance stood majestic mountains. The sun was shining and the sky was a beautiful blue with a hint of purple. The wind gently carried the scent of the sweet grass that was growing nearby.

My teacher looked at me and softly said, “Sometimes, it is just about shifting your perspective.”

The lesson was as important to me on that day as it is now, several years later.  I believe I needed to come across this teaching again, to be reminded of how important it is to look at things from many angles.  This teaching has allowed me to have more pause where I may have reacted strongly in previous situations, perhaps too vehemently. A few days after I had come across the journal, I was able to hold my son as he struggled with intense anger and fear. Instead of reacting from my own frustration I was able to soften.  A situation that had the potential to get ugly, became a moment of love.  I want to encourage other to do the same, to take a moment to pause and to shift your perspective in a situation that may be triggering you, or in an unresolved conflict.  It does not mean that your perception is wrong, or someone else was right…  Is just about taking the time to look around, at all there is, and all there could be ? Perhaps looking for the light within the dark.

I will continue to learn from this teaching and to apply it to situations from my past that perhaps have lingered on a bit too long in the shadows of my heart.  Perhaps I just need to reflect from another angle, shift perspectives, breathe in the light, and release all that does not serve me.



Aka “Tara” in the Spirit world🙏

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