Journey into the Light

March 24, 2018

A couple of weeks ago we held a sound healing  here at the studio with Ben Carroll and his singing bowls.  I went in and out of a few journeys; a couple of them were profound for me.

I was following this pinkish comet across the universe, it was headed into blackness; I was then holding onto what looked like a huge zipper, as I was pulling the ‘zipper’ down through the universe, stars were being revealed and opening… it felt like going down a roller coaster, and everything behind me was opening to stars; and then the sky became orange.. and then fire, and then light… I then became the light.  I am the Light.   I began to then share my light and radiate light.

I traveled to a version of me that was a little younger, her face ( mine) was kissed by the sun and her hair was in braids.  She ( I) glowed with joy and confidence.  I could see and feel her strength, rooted into the earth and connected to the light above,

sunflowerfieldheld in alignment of Light.  She ( I ) had surrounded herself in so much light that other peoples comments or thoughts.. or energy- did not penetrate this bubble of light.  She( I) knew with certainty that focusing on the light was all that was relevant.  She then took me quickly on a journey to places in which I had been hurt.  We together collected soul fragments from situations in time in which I was bullied, lost, and confused.  I wept for these parts of me.  I collected them lovingly, and held my hand.  We traveled back with the light, to the light and became the light.

I was the light as I traveled to the center of the earth and saw Mother Earth’s heart beating as it pumped fluid of light- glistening purples, golds, white, and blues- throughout her veins of rivers and roots.

I saw myself root into the earth through the heels of my feet, connecting to the life source of mother earth.  I felt my crown open up to receive the light,  it warmed and grew larger and larger, encircling me completely in light.

I am found.  I am light.  I am found.  I am light.  These words resonated with me as I came back from the journey.  I prayed to my angels that I could bring these feelings of connectedness and abundance of light back into this realm.  The words continued to echo in my mind… I am found, I am light.

Thankful for blessings of healing.



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